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Welcome to Probots Community! :robot:

Hey there! Glad you found us. This is where we geek out over creating bots for competitive video games, and trust me, it’s as fun as it sounds. Whether you’re here to learn, share, or just chat about all things bot-building and gaming, you’ve found your tribe.

So, what’s this place about?

We’re here to get better at coding through friendly competition and lots of sharing. It’s about taking those late-night coding sessions and turning them into something cool that competes in a game. And it’s about helping each other out along the way.

What to expect:

  • Real talk: We’re all about deep dives into bot development and strategy discussions. But it’s also about helping each other out and sharing what we know.
  • Challenge and support: That’s our mantra. Got a coding challenge? Let’s tackle it together. Found a cool strategy? Share it, and let’s all learn from it.

Where to start:

  1. Read our Community Guidelines :eyes:
  2. Then Introduce yourself :wave:
  3. Check out Upcoming events and Competitions :stadium:
  4. Add your Discord Account :link:
  5. Join the conversation :speech_balloon:

Jump in, share your thoughts, and let’s make some great bots. Welcome to the community!