The Move From Twitch To YouTube

Twitch , YouTube , Mixer (rip) and all the platforms in between. It seems everyone is moving from one platform to the next. Streamers, content creators, and companies making the switch. Why, just the start of 2020, Blizzard announced a exclusive deal with YouTube moving their content over. Everyone is trying to find the best place for their content to live.

The same goes for ESChamp, this is why we are going to be moving our live streaming over to YouTube instead of Twitch. We’ve been on both platforms for a long time, so it took sometime to consider.

We won’t be closing our twitch down, so if you love our emotes on there, you still have access to them aslong as you want. But if you want access to our emotes on YouTube, we do have membership on there with those perks located here

The TL;DR is follow the channels below for live and non-live content

Emotes available on YouTube

If you want to know some more info keep reading

A few reasons for the move

  • Wanting to do more non-live content
  • Bringing all our content to one platform
  • YouTube’s discoverability is better than Twitch’s

Discoverability is one of those things that YouTube being the number 2 search engine in the world really has going for it. Having people discover about our live streams through YouTube was a big nudge in its favor. We’ve been putting out more guides and non live videos out on YouTube which it started to make sense that all our videos, live and non live should be in the same place and Twitch upload videos is essentially non existent it really looked like YouTube is the place both live and non live video to be.

A few weeks ago we did our first livestream of Inside The Scene episode interviewing Nina, it went awesome and the feedback on both those who watched and our experience was great.

One of the biggest pains in making this decision was, I couldn’t find a way around breaking substreaks for those with long standing Twitch subs. I was hoping there was a way to carry that over into YouTube somehow, because you’ve supported us for so long. But unfortunately there isn’t a way. I hope if you do decide to make the switch I’ll be able to find a way make it up over there.