New Beginnings - Stepping down as the ProBots Admin

Hi everyone, Caerwyn here!

For anyone who doesn’t know me yet, I have been the tournament admin for ProBots since 2021 S2.
I’ve joined ESChamp on April 2021, and have been introduced to the amazing community of StarCraft II AI.

Sadly, due to limitations both from my new job as well as my upcoming year at college, I am no longer able to continue my position as ProBots’ tournament admin.
It has been my pleasure to join this wonderful community, and work on making ProBots a better tournament for everyone.

What does this mean for the future?
I am not quitting the community, nor ESChamp. I will remain in the discords, where I will mostly offer my help to any author that wishes it, as well as go back to making more YouTube content with ESChamp. I’ll also probably take part in smaller projects if time allows it.

In conclusion, while I won’t continue to admin, I will still be here, to support all ProBots endeavors and authors.

Caerwyn out