Introduce Your Self

I wanted to create a general thread where people new to the forum can introduce themselves, and tell their fellow community members about themselves.

  • Tell us who you are
  • What esports you like to watch or play
  • favourite players
  • anything else you want people to know

I will get things started!

I am Drekken or DrekkSama, I love StarCraft 2 & WarCraft 3. For StarCraft 2 I play Protoss but for WC3 I play Unded. Really anything strategy related is for me. I been playing for about 10 years etc, but really I just organizing things around here. My favorite Wc3 player is Grubby , BW is Flash and SC2 would be Scarlett.

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Hey everyone, my name if CD/Phil!

I’ve been watching Starcraft esports since the days of brood war got really interested into it by watching my favorite casters of the time both Day[9] and HuskyStarcraft. Big time lurker both on here and at most Starcraft events and some of my favorite players to watch right now are Serral, Scarlet and Maru!

Hope to see you all soon at a live event!

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Hey everyone :wave:

I am DR, I know Drekk from back in our WC3 Clan days, used to run the clan forums and we recently re-connected and he asked if I would be up to help out, so here I am!

StarCraft 2 fan, but also watch a lot of Brood War / ASL. Favorite players are Flash and Rain.

I am a full-time karma farmer on Reddit and around the net. Lover of memes and beers!

You’ll see my post here from time to time! So join in :stuck_out_tongue:




I found ESChamp through ProBots and I am pretty interested in bots and watching their development (it reminds me a lot like battlebots if anyone knows the show) .

Would say my favorite so far is MicroMachine but also a fan of AlphaStar :wink:

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