What's Up For 2021

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year

(when is the official cut off date to stop using that? )

Hope everyone is all rested because it’s time to get back onto the horse. Thought I would start up the year with a little bit of a discussion and preview of what’s up in-store and put some of my thoughts out in the open. Spent much of the holidays going over what went awesome and what didn’t go so awesome, what can be improved on.


This was a blast to produce last year and I am excited to produce it again this year. A critical goal on the back end is to remove any lag and technical problems we ran into in the previous seasons. I am looking forward to introducing new elements like stats into our show.

Inside The Scene

last year there was some experimenting with Inside The Scene and branching out to outside the realm of StaCraft and talking about broader topics, learned a lot from that but this season I am going to bring it back to StarCraft and topics within its professional scene.

New Experiments

Every year I like to try new things and this year I am hoping to try some new content formats around starcraft 2 history, bot creation and player interviews. Looking forward to your feedback on those!

Alright, that’s all I got for you, for now, thanks for being on this journey with us!

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