Probots 2021 - Season 1


Here we go again! ProBots Mania people! We are back with the first season of the year. 2021 Season 1.
Last season, we crowned Ketroc as our champion and we’ll see if it will hold that crown coming into this year. Alongside Ketroc, author’s of Spiny, BenBotBc and Jensiiibot are reinvited back to this season. So we’ll see if revenge is programmed into the menu.


4 bot authors from 2020 Season 3 are invited with 12 of the top bot Authors from the A.I arena ladder are invited to compete in this season.

Top 4 Season 3 2020:
Ketroc (Ketroc)
rasper (Spiny)
blosier (BenBotBC)
Jensiii (Jensiiibot)
Top 12 AI Arena Season 2:
RaphRR & Unusual (MicroMachine)
Fidolina (DominionDog)
DrInfy (TheHarvester)
Scarlett (FourGateBot)
Armageddon (RStrelok)
Tyr (TyrP)
BuRny (BlinkerBot)
savelas (ANIbot)
spudde (spudde)
Drefsante (Sproutch)
Madman (MadAI)
Mindme (AdditionalPylons)

Bracket To Come Soon


AI Arena ShowCase 2021-01-30T19:00:00Z
Season 1 Start - 2021-02-12T00:30:00Z
Finals + Exhibition 2021-04-03T04:00:00Z

Where to watch

You’ll be able to find it all on YouTube

This playlist will update with each new game of the series