ProBots 2021 Season 3 Announcement


Welcome back to ProBots everyone!
It is my pleasure to announce that the third and final season of ProBots 2021 is now upon us! In the previous season we’ve witnessed Eris’ impressive quest for the title, as well as DominionDog’s grueling journey through the lower bracket all the way to the grand finals. With that behind us, it is time for a new chapter of ProBots, one with new bots, and a new chance to claim the ProBots title!


The authors of the ProBots 2021 Season 2 top 4 bots return TeamEris, Fidolina, Ketroc and Tyr. They are then seeded with the top 12 bot authors from SC2 AI Arena Season 2 ladder.

Top 4 Season 2 2021:
TeamEris (Eris)
Fidolina (DominionDog)
Ketroc (Ketroc)
Edit: Tyr (Tyr) will be forfeiting his spot in this season of ProBots. An additional spot has been given to AI Arena Ladder.

Top 13 SC2 AI Arena Season 2:
MicroMachine (RaphRR)
NegativeZero (mindme)
VeTerran (AiSee)
Zoe (SoupCatcher)
SharpenedEdge (Infy)
BenBot (blosier)
sharkbot (sharknice)
Dovahkiin (yatahunt)
smallBly (smallBly)
spudde (spudde)
Jensiiibot (Jensiii)
ANIBot (savelas)
SF4G (erifrats)


*bots are subject to change before the submission date


Season 3 Start 2021-10-28T23:30:00Z
PostBots - Saturdays after ProBots
Finals: 18th of December

Where to watch

You’ll be able to find it all on the ESChamp YouTube Channel

*Dates and schedule are subjected to change