ProBots 2020 - Season 1 - Round of 16 [Part 1]

Welcome to the Round of 16 [Part 1]

Welcome to the start of the season, where 4 of the top bots from last season are seeded with the top bots from the A.I Arena Ladder to give us our Round of 16. We have some new robot faces this season including FourGateBot created by the Professional player Scarlett! We’ll see if last season’s champion Ketroc can stay #1 or will a new bot champion be crowned.


This Week’s Matches:

Ketroc vs AddionalPylons
FourGateBot vs Strelok
Jensiiibot vs Spudde
MicroMachine vs ANIBOT

Which Bot Will Win It’s Matches?
  • Ketroc
  • AddionalPylons
  • FourGateBot
  • Strelok
  • Jensiiibot
  • Spudde
  • MicroMachine
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You’ll be able to watch it live on ESChamp’s YouTube Channel

Matches begin 2021-02-12T00:30:00Z