ProBots 2021 Season 1 Author Preview

Welcome Back, everyone! To the 2021 edition of ProBots!

Time to kick it off with an author preview, where I highlight some of the key dates, changes and things to note regarding a new Probots season before the formal announcement. Giving eager authors time to contemplate strategies and features they may want to code in. In this post you’ll get generalized info aswell as some reasoning to consider.

Tournament Format

To kick this off, format. The format will look very similar to 2020 ProBots, with the double-elimination bracket. The bracket will include the top 4 bot authors from 2020 Season 3 aswell as 12 Authors invited through AI Arena ladder.


Top 4 Season 3 2020:
Ketroc (Ketroc)
rasper (Spiny)
blosier (BenBotBC)
Jensiii (Jensiiibot)
Top 12 AI Arena Season 2:
RaphRR & Unusual (MicroMachine)
Fidolina (DominionDog)
DrInfy (TheHarvester)
Scarlett (FourGateBot)
Armageddon (RStrelok)
Tyr (TyrP)
BuRny (BlinkerBot)
savelas (ANIbot)
spudde (spudde)
Drefsante (Sproutch)
Madman (MadAI)
Mindme (AdditionalPylons)


Rules will have some clarification around Draws, Bot in-game chat and changes to bot updates. Feedback about ‘Sniping’ of bots has been heard and though there are no intentions to remove it as an option from ProBots we are playing around with ways to make it more difficult and increase the risk factors of using your update to target a single opponent.

Rules Link

Map Previews

The following is a preview of the maps. New maps to the season are still under review for stability but if there are no problems these maps should be expected to show up in 2021 Season 1

  • Catalyst LE
  • EverDreamLE
  • GoldenWallLE
  • DeathAuraLE
  • Darkness Sanctuary
  • Ascension to Auir
  • SubmarineLE
  • Romanticide


Probots will continue to run on StarCraft 4.10

windows version

Human vs ProBots Exhibition

Every season we end with a human vs probot exhibition. This year I am hoping to try different formats and to better showcase bots against (or with? ) humans and open the floor to new ideas. Leave suggestions!


AI arena Season ends - 2021-01-16T05:00:00Z
ProBots Arena Showcase 2021-01-30T05:00:00Z
First Submission Date: 2021-02-07T05:00:00Z
2021 Season 1 - Broadcast : 2021-02-12T00:30:00Z

There has been an update of maps
The removal of Darkness Sanctuary for Romanticide LE

The post has been updated

A couple of key things to note for authors:


Dates including the first submission are now available


  • In the rules we’ve changed the timing of the updates. The number of updates has been reduced.
  • Rules for Draws have been updated to reflect the current format
  • We remind authors to review the rules with Game Chat and spamming text during matches (this is difficult for the broadcast)


  • We’ve removed the Extended series
  • Matches are best of 3 except finals which is best of 5