ProBots 2021 Season 2 Announcement


Welcome back ProBots LOVERS! The second season of 2 is upon us! In season 1 we saw Tyr take the title in a … quick fashion :smirk:. But never mind that, cause it’s a new slate, with new bots and a new chance to claim ProBot dominance!


The authors of the ProBots 2021 Season 1 top 4 bots return Tyr, Micromachine, Ketroc and Jensiiibot. They are then seeded with the top 12 bot authors from SC2 Ai Arena Season 1 ladder.

Top 4 Season 3 2020:
Tyr (Tyr)
RaphRR & Unusual (MicroMachine)
Ketroc (Ketroc)
Jensiii (Jensiiibot)

Top 12 SC2 AI Arena Season 1:
TeamEris (Eris)
Armageddon (Rstrelok)
sharknice (Sharkbot)
Infy (SharpenedEdge)
AiSee (VeTerran)
mindme (Additional Pylons)
Fidolina (MixedBreed)
spudde (spudde)
savelas (ANIbot)
blosier (BenbBotBC)
KaoX (PrismBeams)
ammo (CreepMind)


*bots are subject to change before the submission date


Season 1 Start - 2021-07-08T23:30:00Z
PostBots - Saturdays after ProBots
Finals + Exhibition 2021-08-28T04:00:00Z


ESChamp members on top of supporting the show get access to our artwork, behind the scenes footage, preference to Bot vs Human matches but also the aftershow Postbots! So join up!

Where to watch

You’ll be able to find it all on the ESChamp YouTube Channel

This playlist will update with each new game of the series