December 2023 SC2AI Monthly Challenge: Kickoff

Alright, everyone, let’s dive into something fresh this December. We’re rolling out our first-ever Monthly Challenge, where each month we’ll propose a challenge and you come up with solutions to it and share it.

mia farrow calendar GIF

This month, we’re keeping it chill – just jump in and focus on the main objective of destroying the pylon. Consider it a warm-up lap. It’s all about getting a feel for these challenges, and trust me, we’ve got some wild ideas lined up for the future.

Here’s the Deal:

  • Just Participate: Get your bot in the arena and aim for the main objective. Simple as that.
  • All About Experimenting: Use this as a sandbox. Try new things, tweak your bot, and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Show and Tell: Post Repos below or submit a replay to Postbot on December 8th to showcase solutions

How to Get Involved:

For December Expect:

  • Get Your Bot in the Game: We’re starting easy, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.
  • Community Spotlight: During postbots we’ll talk about some of the submitted solutions
  • Feedback, Ideas? Always welcome. If you’ve got suggestions for future challenges or ways to spice things up, I’m all ears.

Stay tuned for different themes and objectives in the coming months