ProBots 2022 Season 1 - Announcement Post

A New Year of ProBots

Welcome back to ProBots everyone! We are delighted to announce our return, with the very first season of 2022 on the horizon. A new season means a new chance to crown a champion!

This preview post aims to cover key information for the 1st season of ProBots 2022.

Key Dates*

Ladder Cut off - February 28th, 2022 23:50 PM UTC
Submission’s Cut off - March 7th, 2022 23:00 UTC
First Broadcast - March 17th, 2022
Second Submission - April 3rd, 2022
Final Submission - April 17th, 2022

*Dates are subject to change.

Changes From Previous Iterations

A new year brings opportunities for change with it. The ProBots tournament will see the following changes as of the up and coming season:

1. Seeding

ProBots 2022 will have the same invite system as previous iterations (top 4 bots of previous are granted an invite), however the seeding rules of the tournament change.
As of this season, all seeds except the defending champion’s will be determined through ladder rank. In case an invited bot was not on ladder, or not chosen for the next season, the author will receive the lowest seed instead. If a bot author chooses a bot different than the one that qualified through ladder, they will be given the lowest seed.

Further rule clarifications:
We have separated invites from seeding. Authors qualify as long as they have a bot that makes the ladder cutoff or placed top 4 of ProBots’ previous season. Their seed is determined by the rank of the bot they choose to field.
In case they field a non qualified bot, they will get the lowest seed. In the events more than 1 qualified author chooses a non qualified bot, , the bottom seeds will be determined by the rank of their highest ranking bot.
For example, in the case an author at seed 4, and an author at seed 7 both decide to choose none qualified bots, that are not ranked high enough on the ladder, the author with the higher seed would get seed 15, and the author with the lower seed get seed 16.

2. Maps

As of this season, ProBots will move to use maps of the current ladder mappool. The mappool for ProBots will once more include 6 maps, with Pride of Altaris being the one excluded.
Our maps for this season will be:

  1. Blackburn
  2. Curious Minds
  3. Glittering Ashes
  4. Berlingrad
  5. Hardwire
  6. 2000 Atmosphere

You can find the new and updated season rulebook here.

In addtion to the normal main stream, which will remain on the ESChamp YouTube channel, we will have a second channel dedicated entirely to ProBots (featuring highlights and segments seen throughout the season).