Custom Games with AI Bot

Hey everyone!

I am fairly new to the development of these sc2 AI bots and I was just wondering if there was a way for me to use these bots in a custom game?

I would really like to test my skills against some of my friends who are just starting to play sc2. Is this possible? If so how do I go around getting this setup :smiley:


Mase <3


You can set up yourself to play against the bots in a custom game but it’s an involved process. Follow the instructions in the post:

Though for your friends who are just starting sc2 these bots might be a bit too hard? :sweat_smile: Maybe :grimacing:

Oh okay this is awesome!

Is there anyway I can set this up for online play? If I understood the post you shared her it seems like the games are all local.

I was hoping to be able to spectate my friends play vs my bot online!

Thank you :smiley:

Unfortunately, there is no way for it work for Online play, just the limitation of the technology :frowning: But you can have your friend send you the replay and you can watch it