2020 Season 1 of ProBots in retrospect

Hey there ProBots fans

The first season of the year for ProBots is over and we’ve had some time to digest and think about how it all went down.

We had some amazing moments this season! Though we were unable to have it live, this Season’s finals were one to truly behold. Watching Tyr and Spiny go back and forth was deeply inspiring for me to watch and if you haven’t done so, do yourself a favour and watch it.

When we first started ProBots on a lark after a bot author interview I had no clue what we would end up making. The season was a testament of how creative the bot makers are and I loved it.

So I wanted to talk about the future

To share my thoughts on ProBots and what I am looking forward to doing with the series. This comes down to Production, Infrastructure and Storylines.

Production value is something I focused on ProBots from the start. I believed that with a lot of work to make it look good, we would build something that bot makers would be proud to display their work. Though I don’t think its perfect, I am proud of the work the ESChamp team has done to make ProBots 2020 Season 1 look more polished than when we started. We’ve spent many hours behind the scenes talking and discussing new ways to make the show feel more clean and professional. Problems like our plaguing desyncing and sound issues though not eradicated have improved.

As we get the basics cleared up it frees us to think about new things to try, which excites me.


This to me means the way we put on ProBots. From production to organizing the tournament. For the last couple of seasons, we’ve worked on the production, making it easier for us to pull off things like Bot Intros. Going forward, working on bot registration and updating is an area we look to work on. Making it easier and friendlier for bot makers to partake in ProBots. It’s why we’ve partnered with AI arena to tackle that challenge. they’ve been a big help this season and I am looking forward to working with them next season to make things smoother.


Building Storylines is ProBots related but its also ESChamp related. We started a YouTube to focus on the A.I work and that’s to give us space to talk about the greater world of A.I work going on. When I first got involved with the community I didn’t know that there was so much more going on. I wanted to make sure we explore what it took to make these bots and properly explore the world of competitive A.I.

Those are my thoughts.

Thanks for reading what’s on my mind and hope you’re looking forward to the next season!