ProBots Bot Author Summit 2024

The Annual summit where we hear you feedback on Probots and also share our plans for the upcoming season. Join in and share your thoughts

Sat Mar 2nd 2024 - 2:00 PM EST

Discord Channel:

This is open to ProBot Authors past and present and future. We’ll be hosting it on the ProBots Server which will have an open channel for any Bot Author to attend for that day.

VOD from the Event


Discussed various aspects of the ProBots system, including the Veto system for removing unique maps, the Sideloaded system with shorter seasons and wild card invites, the system for broadcasting bot groups, the promotion system for the Championship, submission considerations, and suggestions for improving the storytelling of difficult bot coding techniques. Other topics include improving update notes, implementing an award system, addressing the separation between humans and ProBots, organizing exhibitions and specific challenges, creating analytical content, and providing documentation on playing against bots and real-time frameworks.