ProBots 2021 Season 2 - Wrap Up

Probots Winners

Another season in the bag, congratulations to Eris and her creator Rasper and Idon’tplaythisgame for taking this season’s championship. It was a fantastic set of games and I highly recommend you going and watching the grand finals if you haven’t done so. Heck, this is probably the wrong post for you if you haven’t!

Congrats also to the other bot author finalist

  1. Eris - Rasper & Idontplaythisgame
  2. DominionDog - Fidolina
  3. Ketroc - Ketroc
  4. Tyr - Tyr

We’ll be seeing them return in Season 3 to happen later this year

Humans vs ProBots

Once again we had a great showing of games but once again Team Humanity won the day. Below are the full replays submitted from the matches if you wanted to check them out! You’ll need to make sure you have the maps for this season in your StarCraft folder in order to watch them. Check this post on how to install them as well if you want to play the bots yourself


What’s next

If you’re looking to participate, be sure you get your bot on AIarena , work your way up the ladder and get your bot involved! Need some help check out this post on how to get started with a easy bot template

That’s it for now!

See you in Season 3

May the bugs be ever in your favour!