ProBots 2020 Season 2 - Clarification of rules regarding bot data and opponent IDs

Hi all,

Quick rules update for ProBots 2020 Season 2:

Please note the following 2 clarifications in the rules regarding bot data and opponent IDs:

2.3 Submissions
    Initial Submissions
        The bot version (including bot data) at the time of ProBots qualification will be considered to be the initial bot submission. Any submissions to ProBots past this will be considered resubmissions. Bot authors can request to wipe their bot data by performing a resubmission (refer to section 2.3.1, under the heading “Bot Data”).
        Bots will retain the same opponent ID/game display ID as their AI Arena season 1 ladder counterpart.

2.3.1 Resubmission Guidelines
    Bot Data
        New bot data can be included with a bot resubmission if desired. Existing bot data can also be requested to be wiped. Note: If either of these actions are required, they must be indicated in the accompanying changelog.

Feel free to contact me here or on Discord with any followup questions.