Clarification on ProBots 2020 Season 2 Bot Updates

Hey Bot Authors, for those participating in ProBots , there was some confusion regarding submissions and updates. I am too blame for that. Wanted to start off by saying, if I was a bot I would of figured it out properly the first time but luckily after talking it out to lladdy I am able to present to you a more clear messaging.

So with Bot updates, any updates submitted did not apply to Round of 16 (the starting round) going forward your updates will be due the week of your bot is to play. Instead of all bot author’s receiving a update email, only bot authors who’s bots are to play will receive a link to upload.

In an effort to clarify, bot updates will not be labeled by the same week system we use for broadcasts. Instead will be labeled by the placing in the bracket

You will receive this in your emails but you to have eyes now, here is the update schedule for the remainder of the season.

Aug 2nd - (LB Round 1 )
Aug 9th - (WB Round 2)
Aug 16th -( LB Round 2)
Aug 23rd - ( Wb Round 3 + LB Round 3)
Aug 30th - Final update

Once again I apologize for the confusion will improve the messaging in the future