ProBot 2020 Season 3 - LB Round 2

LB Round 2

Welcome to the LB Round 2! Competition is heating up and only certain bots will walk away from this round intact! This is an elimination which means we’ll have to say goodbye to 4 more bots.


This Week’s Matches

Sharpy_PVP_EZ vs ANIbot

Jensiiibot vs Blinkerbot

MicroMachine vs Fidolina

TheHarvester vs Threewaylover

Who will win?

You people liked the poll so I am bringing it back. This time it will last the whole stream :sweat_smile:. For this poll refer to the match list above and choose up to 4 bots that you think will win their matches

Which bots do you think will make it out of LB Round 2 ?
    • Jensiiibot
    • Sharpy_PVP_EZ
    • TheHarvester
    • MicroMachine
    • ANIBot
    • BlinkerBot
    • Fidolina
    • ThreeWayLover
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Where to watch?

You’ll be able to watch it live on ESChamp’s YouTube Channel

Matches start 2020-11-27T00:30:00Z