Probots 2020 Season 3 - Round of 8

Round of 8

Welcome to the Round of 8! Competition is heating up and only certain bots will walk away from this round intact!

This Week’s Matches

Spiny vs Jensiiibot
Sharpy_PVP_EZ vs BenbotBC
TheHarvester vs Strelok
MicroMachine vs Ketroc

Who will win?

I thought it might be fun to have a poll going for this week’s games!

Out of the remaining bots which do you think will win the tournament?
  • Spiny
  • Jensiiibot
  • Sharpy_PVP_EZ
  • BenbotBC
  • TheHarvester
  • Strelok
  • MicroMachine
  • Ketroc
  • ANIBot
  • BlinkerBot
  • Fidolina
  • ThreeWayLover
0 voters

Where to watch?

You’ll be able to watch it live on ESChamp’s YouTube Channel

Matches start 2020-11-20T00:30:00Z