2024 Season 1 Announcement

ProBots Returns!

Welcome to the first season of ProBots 2024 everyone! We are happy to be back with another ProBots season, this one with a more grounded and familiar format. A new season also brings with it a chance to crown a new ProBots champion.

This announcement post will explain our new format, and cover key information for the first season of ProBots 2024.

Key Dates*

Ladder Cut off March 12 , 2024
Submission #1: March 22, 2024
Week 1 - First Broadcast: March 28, 2024
Week 2: April 4, 2024
Week 3: April 11, 2024
Submission #2: April 14, 2024
Week 4: April 18, 2024
Week 5: April 25, 2024
Final Submission: April 29, 2024
Week 6: May 2, 2024
Exhibition Submission: May 9, 2024
Week 7: April 30, 2024
Grand Finals: May 18, 2024

*Dates are subject to change.

Return of the Classic Format - Season 1

For this season of ProBots, we decided to bring back the classic GSL 16-player(bot) format. We wanted to have a longer, less compressed season than the previous Sideloaded one, and do it by returning to a more familiar format. We will also be keeping the veto system from 2023 Sideloaded, drawing even more inspiration from the most challenging human competition - the GSL.

Season 1 of ProBots 2024 will use the classic GSL two-stage tournament format.

The Format
Our format for this season will be a two-stage format.
It will begin with a double elimination group stage. Each of these 4 groups will have 4 bots, 2 of which will advance to the round of 8.
Games in this stage are all best of 3.

The second stage of the tournament will be a single elimination playoff bracket, with 8 bots that advanced through the group stage.
Round of 8 matches will be best of 3.
Semi Finals matches will be best of 5.
The Grand final match will be a best of 7.

We will be using the same seeding rules as used in the previous season of ProBots. For more information on seeding, as well as how it plays out in the new tournament format, check the season rulebook below!

  1. Eris - TeamEris
  2. Xena - TeamXena
  3. MicroMachine - RaphRR
  4. BenBotBC - blosier
  5. Ketroc - Ketroc
  6. Caninana - ratosh
  7. sharkbot - sharknice
  8. Zozo - SamOgon
  9. TyrT - Tyr
  10. Neonka - Neonka
  11. PerilousProtossBot - TooPerilous
  12. Dovahkiin - yatahunt
  13. EPNRoach - Zurtar
  14. PhantomBot - Phantom
  15. DadBot - DadsTeam
  16. Ender - MerkMore*

*Each seed may change based on submissions.

You can find this season’s rulebook here.