2023 Season 1 - Human vs Bots - Testing

This is a summary of a discussion around Testing Bots for 2023 Season 1 started here on discord

Initial Query: Community members were curious about how to test their bots in real-time without actually playing the game themselves.

Key Insights:

  • Real-Time Testing: It’s possible to enable real-time mode against the in-game AI for testing.
  • App Arguments: The same arguments that aiarena uses can be employed.
  • Map Issues: There was a discussion about the compatibility of LE and AIE maps. It was concluded that LE maps should be used, especially on Windows.
  • HumanLadder.json: This JSON file can be edited to change map settings and other configurations.
  • Real-Time Flag: For those using Rust, the RealTime flag can be used to enable real-time testing.

Technical Issues:

  • Some users reported that the app froze or didn’t work as expected. These issues seemed to be related to the operating system and disk where SC2 is installed.
  • There were also issues with bots not behaving as expected, which were later resolved through updates.

Attachments and Further Testing:

  • Various members shared their bots for testing and reported back with results, leading to iterative improvements.

This thread serves as a comprehensive guide for community members looking to prepare their bots for the ProBots vs Humans event. Feel free to contribute further insights or ask for clarifications.


Bots Made Available to Test Against