2020 Season 2 of ProBots Intent

Hey Everyone,

we are working behind the scenes to prepare for the next season of Probots. So I wanted to write a quick post to give you an idea of some early items that will make it into our rules but we are not ready to release full rule sets but I do want to give Bot authors time to prepare.

It’s short, I promise. The two things I want to communicate is the version of StarCraft 2 that will be used and Maps.

This season of ProBots will operate on as the same version of StarCraft 2 that A.I arena operates on . Which is StarCraft 4.10


Windows version

The maps for this season will mirror the human ladder and introduce new maps.

  • Zen LE
  • Eternal Empire LE
  • Simulacrum LE
  • Nightshade LE
  • Ever Dream LE
  • Purity and Industry LE
  • Thunderbird LE
  • Golden Wall LE

We modify the map pool to remove Purity and Industry due to possible issues and replaced it with last season’s map of Thunderbird LE

You can download them here:


Ok, that’s it for now. Keep this tag subscribed to get updates as we get em! Feel free to post questions below!

Happy building!

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This thread has been updated to reflect a change in the map pool