The Struggle To Upgrade My Camera

Recently, I upgraded my camera and I wanted to share the story behind it. You might enjoy hearing about it, especially if you’re into video production.

The Struggle with My Old Camera

For a long time, I was using the Canon Vixia HF G40 for my videos. While it was a reliable camera, I quickly ran into its limitations—particularly the inability to change lenses. I felt like I was hitting a ceiling with the picture quality, and it was frustrating.

The Decision to Upgrade

After a lot of research and late-night reviews, I decided it was time to upgrade to a DSLR. I chose the Panasonic G7, and here’s why:

  • Affordable Price: I found a great deal on a used G7 on eBay, which made it an easy choice for the budget-conscious.
  • HDMI Out: This was crucial for clean output and smooth integration with my streaming setup.
  • Hot Shoe Mount: This was essential for adding accessories like external mics and lights, enhancing my overall setup.

Navigating the Lens Landscape

One of my main goals was to get a shot like some of my favorite YouTubers. I settled on replicating the look of Peter McKinnon, who often uses a 24mm lens for his talking head shots. This led me to a realization.

While trying to get a 24mm lens, I learned that the Panasonic G7 uses a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system, which means I had to do some math. To get the equivalent of a full-frame 24mm lens, I needed a 12mm MFT lens because you have to multiply the focal length by two.

After navigating this learning curve, I settled on two lenses:

  • 25mm Lens: Equivalent to a 50mm in full-frame, this “nifty fifty” is perfect for close-ups and gives great depth of field.
  • 14mm Lens: This wide-angle lens is fantastic for capturing broader scenes, ideal for wide shots.

Enhancing the Setup with Elgato Prompter

To further streamline my workflow, I picked up the Elgato Prompter, which integrates seamlessly with my Stream Deck. Having my scripts right in front of me while maintaining eye contact with the camera has made everything feel more professional and polished.

The New Setup in Action

Here are some shots of the new setup:

Wide Shot with 14mm Lens]

  • Elgato Prompter Integrated with Stream Deck:

the improvement in video quality and the streamlined workflow has made it all worth it! If you’re thinking about upgrading your setup or have any questions, Let me know!