ProBots 2021 Season 3 Week 8 - Grand Finals

Welcome to the Grand Finals of ProBots 2021 Season 3

Another season of ProBots draws to an end. After an exciting season filled with upsets, only 3 bots remain. Now, a Zerg, a Protoss and a Terran will fight to claim the last ProBots title of 2021. The finals will take place on December 18th, 12:30 PM EST.

This week’s broadcast will begin with the finals of the upper bracket between Ketroc and negativeZero, followed by the loser of that match going down to the final match of the lower bracket to face Dovahkiin. After that, the sole survivor of the lower bracket will take on the winner of the upper bracket in an exciting bo7. Winning bot of the upper bracket will earn itself a 1 map advantage in the GRAND FINALS.


You can find the tournament bracket here

This Week’s Matches:

  1. Ketroc vs negativeZero
  2. Dovahkiin vs Loser of 1
  3. Winner of 1 vs Winner of 2
Which bot will win ProBots 2021 Season 3?
  • negativeZero
  • Ketroc
  • Dovahkiin
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You’ll be able to watch it live on ESChamp’s YouTube Channel
Matches begin 2021-12-18T17:30:00Z

ProBots vs Humans

In addition to the exciting conclusion of this season, we will be doing an exhibition of ProBot vs Human games! You can find more information here