ProBots 2021 - Season 2 Upper Bracket & Lower Bracket Round 3

Welcome to the Season 2 Lower Bracket and Upper Bracket Round 3

This week we will have the exciting upper bracket semi finals, which will decide which two lucky bots make it to the upper bracket finals. In addition, we will have the 3rd round of the lower bracket, determining which two bots will continue their lower bracket run.

Don’t forget, as always after the games we’ll have Postbots for members, where hosts Andyman and Endersword are joined with guests to express their thoughts of the games that occurred.


This Week’s Matches:

Tyr vs Eris
MicroMachine vs Ketroc
DominionDog vs AdditionalPylons
RStrelok vs sharkbot

Which bot will win Its Match?
  • Tyr
  • Eris
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Which Bot will win Its Match?
  • MicroMachine
  • Ketroc
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Which Bot will win Its Match?
  • DominionDog
  • AdditionalPylons
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Which Bot will win Its Match?
  • RStrelok
  • sharkbot
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You’ll be able to watch it live on ESChamp’s YouTube Channel
Matches begin 2021-08-12T23:30:00Z

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