How to play against the ProBots: 2020 Season 1

As per tradition, this season’s bots are available to play against!

The instructions are below

  1. Download the ProBots vs

  2. Unzip the ProBots vs into a folder

  3. Add the maps to your StarCraft 2 Folder (How to Add The Maps)

  4. Open the folder HumanvsBot_Client

  5. Select the file LMHumanGUI

  6. Select the Map

  7. Select the Bot you wish to play

  8. Your Race you wish to play as

  9. Hit Launch

  1. Open the Blizzard Client
  2. Select the StarCraft II Tab
  3. Click Options
  4. Click Show in Explorer
  5. Select StarCraft II Folder
  6. Create the folder Maps if it doesn’t already exist
  7. Copy the map files from the Season8Maps Folder located in the ProBots vs

If you want us to possibly cast your games to submit your replays here:
Submit replays here