Upgrading Your Bot with Eris - Feb 2024

In this episode of Postbots, Drekken and co-host Ketroc chat with Rasper about his bot Eris and the Ares framework. Rasper breaks down how Ares works and why it’s great for building competitive AI bots. They cover the key features, advantages, and the tech behind it.


  • Reusability of Code: Rasper discusses the frustration with having to reimplement functionality such as mining operations across different bots. ARES was designed to alleviate such issues, enabling code reuse, particularly for complex actions like speed mining or micro-management.
  • Framework Comparison: The conversation touches on comparisons with other frameworks, like the Sharpie framework. Rasper points out that while other frameworks might facilitate quick bot development, ARES offers advantages in terms of not having to reimplement advanced features from scratch.
  • Focus on Efficiency and Optimization: Rasper emphasizes the importance of efficiency in bot development, particularly in actions like mining and combat simulations. ARES aims to simplify these processes for bot authors, allowing for more focus on strategy and less on coding basic functionalities.
  • Advanced Features Support: The discussion includes how ARES supports advanced bot development features, such as pathing and combat simulations, which are critical for competitive AI bots but can be tedious to code repeatedly.
  • Strategic Development Encouragement: ARES is presented as a tool that encourages the development of more strategic and nuanced bot behaviors by abstracting away some of the more routine coding tasks. This allows developers to innovate on strategy and tactics.