ProBots Season 3 Week 3 - Lower Bracket Round 1

Welcome to Week 3 of ProBots 2021 Season 3

Welcome back to ProBots 2021 Season 3 everyone! Last week on the tournament, we saw the end of the opening round of the season, with some exciting games. Now, 8 bots will fight over survival in the lower bracket, and 8 bots will continue their upper bracket dream.

Before the usual stuff, a few important ProBots updates:

  1. Due to a communication error there was a mistake of Bot IDs not included in the Ro16 matches. This has been fixed, and all matches from this week until the end of the season will now be using the Bot IDs from AI Arena.

  2. This season saw the inclusion of a challonge bracket alongside the toornament bracket, enabling us to create a fantasy league. However, due to a difference in the lower bracket format of challonge and toornament, the LB matches are not the same. Moving from here on out we will be using the challonge bracket.

Lastly, as always, after the games we’ll have Postbots for members, where hosts Andyman and Endersword are joined with guests to express their thoughts of the games that occurred.


You can find the tournament bracket here

This Week’s Matches

SF4G vs SharpenedEdge
spudde vs smallBly
ANIBot vs WhaleMean
Jensiiibot vs Dovahkiin

Which bot will win its match?
  • SF4G
  • SharpenedEdge
0 voters
Which bot will win its match?
  • spudde
  • smallBly
0 voters
Which bot will win its match?
  • ANIBot
  • WhaleMean
0 voters
Which bot will win its match?
  • Jensiiibot
  • Dovahkiin
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You’ll be able to watch it live on ESChamp’s YouTube Channel
Matches begin 2021-11-12T00:30:00Z