Postbots Q&A - 2022 Season 1 - R16.pt1

Postbots is back, the show after Probots and its evolving. We got a new segment where we take your questions. For us to collect member questions just reply to this thread! It can be ProBots related, host & guest related or just something you’re curious about. The hosts will bring them up at the end of the show.

Episode Info

Recording Date: 2022-03-18T23:30:00Z
Posted: 2022-03-19T04:00:00Z

This week’s guest: Cryptious - SC2 AI Arena

This Week’s Matches

negativeZero vs PhantomBot
BenBotBC vs sharkbot
Ketroc vs Caninana
MicroMachine vs Dovahkiin

You can also come watch us record it live : Discord