Perfecting Your Bots Build Order (MindMe)

Key Takeaways:

  • Drekken revamped Post Bots into a lively round table format, boosting interaction.
  • MindMe shared insights on complex strategies and build orders in negative zero.
  • Emphasis on the impact of precise timing in bot build orders.
  • Discussion on MindMe’s tactics using tables, dictionaries, and scoring systems for negative zero.
  • This month’s challenge: create a bot for the micro ladder, testing micro-management skills.
  • Future challenges brainstormed, including unique race-specific tasks and creative concepts like ‘Dance, Dance AI Revolution.’


In the Post Bots session, Drekken introduced a new, interactive round table format, encouraging community participation. MindMe, creator of negative zero, discussed the intricacies of bot build orders and strategies, highlighting the importance of timing. The session also focused on his tactical use of dictionaries and tables for effective bot programming. Participants were challenged to build a micro ladder bot and brainstormed future unique challenges for bot development.