StarCraft Toronto Holiday LAN Party by ESChamp


Time: Sunday, December 29th 2019 @ 2:00 PM
Location: The Hive Esports, Toronto, Canada
RSVP: Facebook Event Link

Come one, Come all to the last LAN of the year. We will be hosting a LAN party to celebrate a full year of StarCraft.

This is a StarCraft social event, Drop in and play a few games or a lot of games. Meet other members of the community. Talk strategies and builds.

As apart of the festivities we’ll be hosting a few game types

StarCraft 2 - Free for Alls
StarCraft 2 - 1v1s (or teams )
StarCraft ReMastered - Free For Alls

giveaways from Blizzard are available to win!

Hey! I will definitely come if I can, but I would need to leave by 3:30.

Yeah that’s fine you can drop in and leave when ever! It’s a complete casual affair

Thanks to all who came to the holiday LAN and shout out to Namshar for joining us for Monobattles! Ton of fun :joy:

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