Ranked: TvP with MaSa

Hey all, so we are trying out something new with this series called Ranked.

On this show, we are sitting down with players and going through their games and discuss matchups, meta and tips.

Our first episode will be with MaSa and his recent run through DreamHack Fall and we’ll discuss TvP.

At the end of our show we’ll be doing a Q&A so if you have any questions leave them below!

Also going to have a poll for what our next episode and match up should be, taking suggestions.

What should be our next match up be on the show
  • TvZ
  • TvT
  • PvP
  • PvZ
  • ZvZ
  • ZvT
  • ZvP

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  • Is Starcraft 2 the only game you’ve played at a top tier competitive level?

  • Is there any mechanic that you would change in SC2? (not racial balance, but neutral mechanics like fog of war, having 2 resource types, the 200 supply cap, unit selection caps, etc…)

  • What’s your favourite memory as a player in the scene?

  • As a terran player, what is the one protoss/zerg unit that you wish you had and why?

  • What’s your favourite song/your jam at this very moment?

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What’s your favourite song/your jam at this very moment?

While he’s playing or just in general? :thinking:

If you could go back and replay a match either win or lose and play it over again what match would it be?

Besides yourself is there another pro player that you find yourself cheering for?