Movies Looking Forward To

Theatres are starting to open up and I wanted to get a thread going on the movies that people are excited to see.

I’ll start:

The matrix is the top of my list, and normally I am not excited about a movie without at least seeing a trailer , this is my exception. I had such great love for everything Matrix that I am willing to go on blind faith that it will be good. Also I love most things the Wachowski siblings put out (RIP Jupiter Ascending), so I am feeling a safe bet there

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I can’t wait for evangelion 4

I wanted to get into Eva back in high school, but my friends all told me it was complicated and I have yet to take the plunge. I should give it as shot since its on Netflix :thinking:

I’d say the many Saints of Newark, I’m a huge Sopranos fan and can’t wait for them to add more to the backstory of the series.