Immortal Gates of Pyre Alpha Key - Contest Giveaway

Hey Champs,

So I got a few keys Alpha Keys for Immortal Gates of Pyre to give away. If you haven’t gotten into the Alpha and you want to try the game out I am going to give away to members.

Just reply with your best RTS memory. It can be Starcraft related or not but it does have to be RTS. The best story I’ll give a key.

I’ll announce after: 2022-06-29T16:00:00Z

Hard to choose just one if i’m honest, so here’s two. Playing in LAN ETS one year, I remember losing to a zerg in a best of one as part of a round robin. They were a whole league up on me, but i nearly won the game through a hellion timing attack. I had lost as they did a all in ling counter, and i didnt have my depot up to close the wall to my natural. They came by and we chatted about the game, both of us were just high on the whole experience, and how clutch the game was.

I think the first group i competed in for ASL (Ascended start league, not the broodwar one). It was a GSL style tournament, where you would be in groups of 4, doing best of 3s. I had a couple fellow gold leagues in the group and one silver. I asked a friend of mine who was plat to do some practice games. Given i had faced him a few times, able to practice TvZ timing attacks, i was over warmed up for gold/silver players, and won my group 4-0. My next group i dont know if i won a best of 3 though lol.

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