ESChamp's PubCraft : Jan SC2 Social

Location: The Hive Esports , Toronto, Canada
RSVP : Link

Riding off the heels of the from the holiday LAN comes a new event.

The SC2 Socials are low key and low-pressure way to meet people who love StarCraft 2 and enjoy playing the game. With multiple organized game types to play, no matter your skill you will have fun.

Activities include:

  • Monobattles
  • Free For Alls
  • Direct Strike

with additional trivia and mini-games for prizes. Hosted on the last Sunday of the month the Sc2 Socials promise to be meet up you’ve been waiting for.

Drinks, Community, StarCraft.


---- Prizes ----

Raffle Prizes provided by:

Blizzard Entertainment

A ticket is not required to attend this event


How do the PC’s work?

You will require a valid login with time for the PCs from the venue in order to participate. If you’re an ESChamp Patron your PC time is free

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

There isn’t a minimum age to enter the event but to purchase alcohol will require you to be the legal drinking age

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Nope, The ticket is 100% not required to enter the event. Just show up and bring friends

Any perks?

Our Patreon supporters will get free access to reserved PCs during the event to play.

How do I win prizes?

There will be various games and activities that we’ll use to distribute prizes, ESChamp Patreon Members automatically are granted raffle tickets

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Check out the pictures from the event! Look forward to seeing you next month!

Yoo these pictures are really good! Thanks!

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Solid pics, this was an AMAZING event, hopefully many more to follow :slight_smile:

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